More than 3 years of Track Record
We have been trading on real money account for more than 3 years.
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* This is not simulation. It is the result of actual trading on the real money account.

Max Historical Drawdown : -15%
How can we achieve very small drawdown ?
– Max 2 position
– Always set Stop Loss
– No martingale
– Hold positions in short term (average 3 hours)
Our trading leverage is very small (below 1:10), it is about 10 times lower risk than people who trade forex with 1:100 full leverage.

You prefer more profit ?
We can set bigger trading volume to you.

1x risk(Default) : Max Drawdown -15% –> Annual Return 40%
2x risk : Max Drawdown -30% –> Annual Return 80%
3x risk : Max Drawdown -45% –> Annual Return 120%

How much is the fee ?

– no spread mark up. The trading condition is the same as normal account.
– we receive our fee from the forex broker IB referral
– minimum fund : 10000 USD (3x risk), 15000 USD (2x risk), 30000 USD (1x risk)

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Be careful, when using most of Robots(EA):

- The graphs are simulation (not a real track record)
- Unrealized loss (due to lots of open positions)
- Huge drawdown (they show you Big pips of profit)